DINITCHECK(8) Dinit - service management system DINITCHECK(8)

dinitcheck - check service configuration

dinitcheck [-d|--services-dir dir] [service-name...]

The dinitcheck utility checks the service configuration for Dinit services (see dinit(8)), and reports any errors it finds. This allows for finding errors before they can cause a service to fail to load during system operation.

Errors reported by dinitcheck include:

Unless altered by options specified on the command line, this utility uses the same search paths (for service description files) as dinit.

Specifies dir as the directory containing service definition files (can be given multiple times to specify multiple service directories). Default directories are not searched for services when this option is provided.

If not specified, the default is $HOME/.config/dinit.d or, for the system service manager, each of /etc/dinit.d/fR, /usr/local/lib/dinit.d, and /lib/dinit.d (searched in that order).

Display brief help text and then exit.
Specifies the name of a service that should be checked (along with its dependencies). If none are specified, defaults to boot (which requires that a suitable service description for the boot service exists).

For service properties that are subject to environment variable substitution, including socket-listen, logfile, env-file, working-dir and pid-file, the substitution may have a different result when performed by dinitcheck than when performed by dinit if the two processes have a different environment. For this reason dinitcheck will issue a warning whenever substitution is used.

dinit(8), dinit-service(5).

Dinit, and this manual, were written by Davin McCall.

October 2022 Dinit 0.17.0pre